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Our users have reported 74.51% Win Rate with total gains ranging between 8% and 22.4% on average per trade per day*

* The average is based on 4 trades a day

Whalestrader is a Layer on Top of Your Exchange

to use it you need to Connect your exchange account API on our platform rest assure we never save your API in the cloud – your API is only on your device «Local Host», your computer communicates with your exchange directly without any interruption in the middle.

Generates Buy Signals on all timeframes

Built to generate sell signals for those who use 1min, 5min timeframe. Used for the quick hit and run trades.

Built to generate sell signals before big dumps happen used on 30min & 1hr timeframe only.

Order Flow

Order Flow enhances your analysis and take it to another level by showing you the market in 3D and revealing supply and demand power to save you from entering losing trades

This tools made insane amount of money to our users because it showed them how to enter with the whale and exit just before they sell.

See sell/buy order limit
Know where to sell and buy based on supply and demand

Find buying and selling walls
Define the highest and lowest price levels

Detect price manipulation by whales and bots
Fake buy/sell orders sent to the market in order to disrupt traders and force mass buying or selling.

Buy and sell directly from the Order Flow

Typical order book

WhalesTrader Order book

Volume Profile

Volume profile has all the tools you are used to analyzing how the total volume, Buy & Sell trades were distributed over any period of time to identify reliable price zones and liquidity patterns, such as absorption, exhaustion, and pullbacks

But with 2.0 -DELTA Volume Profile you will leap ahead of all other traders with the next generation volume profile that gives you the right answers:

  • How to enter and exit
  • How to know that I’m in the right time
  • Should I exit now or there are more pumps to come

Order Iceberg

A powerful tool for traders with $10,000 or more. This tool will distribute your buy/sell orders over 10 smaller orders to prevent price pumps

Go in Light-Speed

Everything in the platform is built for lite speed trading. The following powerful tools and mouse gestures will increase the speed of your trading at least x3 times

1 click Bitcoin Purchase without losing where you are

Mouse Click trading

Change buy and sell using drag and drop

How much will you make if you trade $100 for 6 months with our tools?

Built by day-traders for day-traders

WhalesTrader is built for those who want to be professional in day-trading cryptocurrencies by crypto day-traders who uses it everyday (scalpers).
This is the reason behind our extensive roadmap and the speed of the new features

Monitor market heartbeats with Heatmap panel

Quickly access your open orders and trade history

Plus More Features

VIP Telegram Channel

Get signals from our best analysts every day and market recap

Blackwhale Telegram Bot

Blackwhale Scanner Integrated inside Whales Channel. Get timely alerts when a Blackwhale is manipulating coins

Whalestrader Academy